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The Fics found here are dark in nature, so please use caution when browsing for a story. Darkest Temptations does have adult content, so please be aware before entering. If you need help finding the right kind of "dark", just let us know. We will be more than happy to help.

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About Us

In case you were wondering about who we are here at Darkest Temptations, we thought we would share a little of ourselves with you and the blog. 

How We Came to Be...

One night I, JaspersIzzy, was surfing around for fics of my favorite character, Darksper, and was having very little luck in finding a good place that had them listed. After searching Twilighted forums, Fan Fiction community's, and just general google for a good Darksper fic, I ran across a Darkward blog. Darkward is my favorite kind of Eddie, so I was intrigued by the stories I found and how this blog was completely devoted to him. 

So, I found myself searching for a Darksper blog, thinking surely someone had one somewhere, but came up empty handed after two days of searching. 
Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I then formed Darkest Temptations with the much needed help of Jaspers Sex Kitten. 

We scoured the Fan Fiction sites of all the Darksper stories we could find and tweeted relentlessly on Twitter for anyone to send us any they could find. It was a lot of work, but we weren't complaining. We were happy to find any and every Darksper fic we could lay our hands on. 

Soon after, our good friend Cullen818, offered to do a guest review for us. We jumped on the opportunity and she now helps us along the way with contest judging and guest reviews. 

We've also added two new Temptresses to the mix of dark h00rdom. Edward's Chipper and GemmaLisaX have since joined the crew, making us a complete family of lovers of the dark. 

We have since converted to covering all the Dark Characters of Twilight and are now scouring the fan fiction sites to find anything dark we can get our hands on. 

It is a group effort, and we are pleased to bring all our dark lovin' friends the dark they crave. We hope you enjoy our little piece of work here, and continue to send us your darkest rec's so we can share them with the other dark lovers of the world. 

Meet the Temptresses... 

Dark Mistress
Jasper’s Izzy

She is our Dark Mistress, the original Temptress and the go to gal for all things dark and delicious. Lacking any verbal filter whatsoever, you are always on your toes with what is to come next. She's fiercely loyal to anyone she calls a friend, and drops the Fbomb at least 600 times a day.

Her first story, We Found Each Other has turned into a fantastic, well thought out fic that not only brings J/B together, but manages to tell a unique story. While WFEO has come into its own within the Jasper genre, that's not where Izzy's forte is. No, she is a Darksper girl through and through.

That is evident in her other two stories; Faith In You and Bound By Promises. She brings out Jasper's bad boy and writes him in such a wicked light, she hooks the reader and takes us on a journey right alongside her characters. We experience his vampire side with each chilling chapter. The Jasper that she portrays in these two stories is the one that we would have expected to see leading Maria's army, the one he described himself to be in the Eclipse flashback. 

Originally Izzy could be described as a diehard Team Jasper writer with a knack for creatively getting rid of Edward and Alice.  Now, while the latter half of that statement still holds true, an excellent example of that being her WIP Bound By Promises, Jaspers Izzy has now started a new dark story. An Edward/Bella story. And trust me when I say that she really does not disappoint.

She can be found on Fan Fiction.net, FanFictionFrenzy, Twilighted, Writers Coffee Shop Library and

Sexy Temptress
Jasper's Sex Kitten

Jaspers Sex Kitten is a Fan Fiction author who is known for her smutty goodness with the two hottest Cullens around, Jasper and Emmett. A crazy ass Texan who has a loud mouth, a hot temper and a love for all things Emmett and Jasper. She as crazy as they come (in a good way) and protects anyone lucky enough to be called her friend. She is the first stop if you want that dark character fix; you want a Darkmett, Darksper or Darkella? She’s done them all. 

She has several dark fics in the works, both under her own name as well as collaborations with authors including MaitresseSaint, MommyAmyBee and Frog Queen Laurel. She has a unique and cheeky way of combining dark and sex, and it always makes you yearn for more. 

Her love for the dark side runs deep, as she sets out to supply us with more dark stories, her imagination seems to know no bounds as she supplies us with characters we can appreciate. Her woven tales of dark and lust make a sinister combination that always have you on the edge of your seat, or rushing to find a manwhore to have your way with. 

She can be found on FanFiction.net, FanFictionFrenzy, Twilighted and Twiwrite.

Mysterious Temptress

Cullen818 is an enigma. Quiet, humble, and a wee bit shy; she is your true naughty girl. Case in point, her soccer mom/PTO president persona is her day by day life, but at night, the sultry temptress goes to the dark side; showing those in the fandom that she knows just how...kinky those Cullen men can get. 

She's a Fan Fiction author who is best known for her sweet, but suspenseful, Jasper/Bella pairings, in the Fate/Love/Hope series and now her WIP ‘Bella’s Secret’. But don't let that fool you. She also has a love for the dark side as well. She currently collabs on a Darksper story called "You'll Be Mine" with Jaspers Darlin Kathy, and also has her Darkward story, Innocence Lost, under her belt. 

She makes her characters scary as hell, but still keeps you wanting to tear their clothes off and scream for them to bite you. She has a unique way of creating a dark and dominant character, while keeping them sexy and even endearing to the reader. She makes you want to throw out any feminist ideals and bow down to them, and you know...while you’re down there. It always has you screaming...for more. 

She also is an admin of Jaspers Naughty Girls, our sister blog, that specializes in the Naughty, Dominant Cullens. She can be found Fan Fiction.net, Twilighted and Twiwrite.

Evil Temptress
Edward's Chipper

Edward’sChipper is still trying to figure out how a) why the gals of this blog still let her play on it, and b) how she got messed up with so many damn Jasperites. She’s the author of three fics: Second Chances – a WIP canon after-BD fic centering on the rest of Charlie’s story; Of Swans and Silence – a
strong and naughty Bella businesswoman along with some other Cullens as you’ve never seen them; and I Will Love You – a what-if-Edward-came-back o/s.

She is completely and utterly devoted to her Edward, especially the lifesize cardboard one she has in her living room. (The rest of the DT staff doesn't really know if they should laugh about this or cheer her on. It's still being discussed) The fact that she has yet to write a “Hopelessly Devoted to Jasper” fic makes her wonder why there isn’t a hit out on her.

While not partial to things that go bump in the night, she is rather fond of things that go hump in the night, especially ones with coppery hair, golden eyes, and are fighting their desire to nom at her neck. (Don’t fight it, baby.) Bring her the sick, the twisted, the demented, the devious, and she’s as happy as pigs in shit, fat kids with a sheet cake the size of Texas, or JaspersIzzy and Jaspersexkitten finding a new and, as yet, undiscovered Dark Delectable over on ff.net. Yeah, like that. 

Her real skill is how she portrays emotion and includes music in to her chapters. She has a taste for classical music and she always manages to find the perfect score to go with her writing.

You can find her her, or over on FF.net, TwiWrite, or Twilighted.

Goth Temptress

Gemma’s first foray into writing was when she entered ‘One Hell of a Forever’  into our Death By Darksper one shot contest. (The DT Staff still cheer fro that fuckawesome fic) She specialises in combining dark storylines and characters with humour and her current WIP, ‘A Different Direction’, has enabled her to up the lust levels in her stories. She has also just started a short multi-chapter, Spontaneous Combustion, that details what Bella gets up to with a crew of hot vamp firemen. 

She is attracted to the dark, sensual side of fiction and loves to read through the exploration of a character as they battle with themselves. She also loves to explore her fantasies through her writing and even delved into conker porn (don’t ask). Gemma favours Jasper and Edward, but appreciates all of the Cullen men and thoroughly believes that they all have a little freak in them. 

She can be found on Fanfiction.net and Twiwrite.

Well, there you have it! Us naughty, dark Temptresses and a little about our dark side. Got a question? Just ask. We're nice girls that don't bite... hard.