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Monday, January 16

And now we say Goodbye...

A gift to us by Mkystich

Yes, sadly, it's true. It is with a broken heart and a grudging acceptance that we at Darkest Temptations realize our time has come to an end. 

Real life sucks, and other obligations have made our lives go in different directions over the last several months. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but one that needed to be done all the same. 

You all have given us a great two years. Some of my happiest moments in the fandom have centered around this blog, and the lovely girls I've had the pleasure to work with since it began. I think I can speak for all of us here when I say that DT was a place for family, not just friendship. 

We never argued, we never disagreed, we never felt strife amongst us; which is rather odd coming from a blog of this nature. It doesn't mean we never had differences of opinion, just that the overall outcome of whatever issue we were faced was always agreed to be the same. That's a rare thing for a blog these days, and it never ceased to amaze me that we had such an awesome group of ladies working here.

I am proud of the girls that stood up with me (and not just the ones who worked here, but the ones who commented and subscribed and tweeted as well)  and took a stand saying it's okay to read the darker stuff. It's okay to want to read fiction that others shy away from or even criticize. I am proud that we never saw drama in any form come our way. I'd like to believe that it was because the way we approached the darker fics, and we made sure to warn others when fics contained things that might be sensitive to others. 

Or I could just be fooling myself into wanting to believe this blog is just that awesome. lol 

Regardless, DT has always held a special place in my heart, and so have our readers, supporters and authors who gave us amazing stories that kept us up at all hours of the night; sometimes days at a time. 

With this, I'd like to say that the blog will remain up, so if anyone in the future wants to come back and find a story they might not have read, or search google for the dark Twilight Fics, they can benefit from all the hard work that two years and six women put into this place. 

We, however, will not be returning to do any more posts, but this place will remain in our hearts forever. 

And now we say goodbye. Thanks again for sharing this experience with us. We will always be grateful. 

With much love, 

Izzy, Barbie, Steph, Gemma, Chipper, and April
Darkest Temptations

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Friday, November 11

Prey for the Wicked by Aleeab4u

A friend on Darkest Temptations recommended this fic to me, knowing I was in need of a good Dark story…and knowing that I am an Edward fanatic. I read this and then sent an email to Aleea begging her to allow me to do a recommendation. I’m hooked…addicted…and thoroughly entranced by this story.

"You have sound instincts. You should trust them." The line of her shoulders
eases a little at the words, but her eyes still flit back and forth between
his, searching for what measure of truth she can define. "I told you,
Isabella. I feel very protective of you. I will not harm you. I am many kinds
of a monster, but I am not the kind who hurts innocents." Not any more, he thinks to himself. Never again...no matter how close of a call it was...never again. "Your blood was a temptation I didn't know how to resist. I walked too close to the line before I realized that you, Isabella, are too much a gift to waste in such greedy gluttony."

The idea of Isabella as his, alive and well for the duration of her human life, solidifies and roots in his psyche. Until this very moment, Edward realizes he walked a precipice between wanting to deny his nature and keep her alive, and his doubts that he could do so under such extremes of temptation.

He can.

He will.

"I will not end your life," he repeats, letting her see the truth in his
expression. She relaxes further, but before true relief is hers, he feels it
necessary to add an addendum she must be made strongly aware of. Moving back
around the bar, he pulls her from the seat and tips her face up to his own.

"You are mine now, Isabella. I will take care of you, protect you."

I love a good Darkward. And this isn’t a good Darkward, this is a most excellent Darkward. I have to say,that for me, I ride the edge of panic with each update I read of this story…wondering if perhaps Edward’s desires will cross the line and our poor heroine will end up drained and dead on the bedroom floor.

He is possessive with “his Bella” and is determined to keep her at all costs. An example…

So beautiful, so delicious, so pure, so...his.

Lifting his head, he locks his gaze on hers, staring at her intently, his mouth dark with her blood, shining with the gloss of her climaxes. He lets her see him as he
truly he is: the monster who wishes to be her angel; both her protector and her

"You are mine, Isabella. I will give you everything your heart could ever desire,
but I will never, ever, let you go."

Edward allows her one small second to catch her breath, and to absorb the meaning and
promise behind those words, before dropping his head to take his meal with his
dessert. Isabella's body responds perfectly. She cries out his name in her
pleasure as darkness takes her, making its claim just as surely as Edward has

What Aleea does with her Edward is so tangible, so feral, that you want to shiver in fear and take him all at the same time.

This fic is only nine chapters in at the time of recommendation, so we still have a good amount of history to catch up on, but what we do know is this…

Edward was part of the Cullen coven, but left after losing himself to the monster in him.

Carlisle begged him not to fall to the darkness of his temptations.

Alice is heartbroken over him, and Jasper is prepared to destroy Edward rather than see him continue to cause his mate to grieve.

Edward has sworn himself to a mission to feed off evil humans.

So how does Bella feel about this mysterious creature that has appeared in her life?

Infatuated, needy, devoured, and savored, but what she doesn’t want to feel is possessed.

But possessed she is…

"Understand me, Isabella, and make no mistake," Edward tells her, one finger ghosting a sweeping touch back and forth over her wrist, hypnotizing. "I do not
make idle threats. You are mine now. I will protect you, and I will possess
you. I won't allow anyone to harm you; neither will I allow anyone to think
they have a claim to you. Only I have that, Isabella."

"I'm not a possession or a...toy or pet."

He smirks again. "You are whatever I say you are."

She tries to stand, but his grip on her wrist keeps her from being able to move. He doesn't hurt her, but she feels the sudden tension in his grip that locks his fingers on her flesh.

"Do not think you have free will, Isabella. You're fate was decided the second you
walked by me in this dismal, dingy bar. You. Are. Mine." His grip
tightens. Bella feels a small spike of fear radiate from the strength that
demonstrates quite clearly that he could break her if he wanted to.

"I don't belong to you," she tries, her mouth dry, and her heart racing. She
can say it, but she isn't sure she can mean it, because oh, the way he makes
her feel, even now when her independence and will scream at her to resist, she
aches with how much she likes the feel of him touching her.

"I have a life," she continues, swallowing over her dry mouth, gathering her wits
about her. "I have a family and friends, and you can't just...dictate to
me...you can't own someone, and you can't just kill...someone. That's

His thumb brushes her pulse, and Bella gets the sudden impression he enjoys her fear as much as he enjoyed her willingness that night. She makes an effort to calm
herself, trying not to think of Mike and failing.

"Isabella. Do not make the mistake of thinking me human," he reminds her softly,
something gentle in his tone that belies the harsh things he says. "I kill. It's what I am. It's how I live."

So for now, I eagerly await Aleea’s next installment, waiting to see how as the story progresses Darkward claims “his Bella” – whether as a delicate treat, a source of carnal delight…or perhaps as both for eternity.

Go over and give this story a try, I KNOW you won’t be disappointed. Tell Aleea I sent you.

Monday, October 31

Temptress Halloween Special

Welcome, once again, to this year's Darkest Temptation Halloween Special. We have all put together a little treat for you on this special day, and hope you all enjoy it. Each of us has contributed something very different, much like we did last year. So, curl up with some of your favorite candy and read about... famous haunts! Happy Halloween.... 

Hello my darklings;

Halloween, such a simple term, to most it means, costumes, parties and candy. But to a few it means more. The day the “ghosts and goblins” come out to play. But alas, they are here every dad. I can’t lie, this has to be my favorite holiday. I just wished it got all the Glory it really should...

This night has been around since the dark ages. Ofcourse back then it was referred to as all hollows eve. So I am going to take you on a journey, through a few of my favorite haunted places. Some I have been to some I wish to see.

I never realized until a I moved back to South Carolina, just how “Haunted” this place is. Houses, Rail Road crossings, restaurants, Cemeteries, you name it we have it. Its such a little place, not like the big hospitals and such of the larger states. But what we do have is some freaky shit. I took on of the “Ghost Tours” a few years ago in Charleston. Let me just say, it honestly was one of the most exciting and freakiest things ever.

Now as for a “Ghost Town”, there are many as you all know but did you know, Charleston is built over a cemetery? Most of these areas are but after the war most of the town was gone, head stones lost, broken and as the time moved on, the city grew which left only so much land left to use. So head stones were moved to a “Cemetery” so the cemetery.. is EVERYWHERE!!!

So the next time you are walking down a street and hear a strange noise... watch it.. it could be a spirt..

Now to share some more facts.. *evil grin* Some of the most haunted cemeteries.. are in the United States... maybe close to you... there are 10 to be exact.. and 3 … yes i said 3 of them are in Illinois.. O.o freaky I know.. but makes me wanna go visit, ‘cause again, I’m freaky like that.

So I picked my favorites from the list, actual places, I will be adding to my “Fucked up places to visit bucket list”....

So enjoy... mwhahaha

* St Louis Cemetary (#1 as there are 3) in Louisiana is the #1 most haunted cemetery.

I can say I have been there once... it was during the day and I wasn’t there long. It is a very creepy looking place but from what I have read and heard.. I’d like to actually go. I like cemeteries.. It is just a thing with me..

The oldest cemetery in New Orleans, is a grand European mixture of ornate marble tombs, crumbling memorials and narrow, winding footpaths. Some visitors have heard weeping and groaning from inside the crypts, while many have seen a range of spectral phenomena, ranging from unusual mists to fully fledged transparent figures.

* Stull Cemetary in Kansas is ranked #2

It's infamous nicknames are The Seven Lost Gates of Hell, The Cemetery of The Damned, Satan's Burial Ground and most notably The Seventh Gate to Hell. Stull cemetery is often said to be where Satan the Devil himself holds court with his lost worshippers. The devil's only half human haunted child is reported to be buried here in Haunted Kansas. They say he appears as a 9 -11 year old boy, he was believed to be able to turn himself into a dog, a cat or a wolf. Basically a werewolf or just plain shape shifter. Many stories say he was born covered with long red hair and a full set of two rows of double teeth.

Talk about a freaky fact.. I can only imagine that sighting..

Random Girl: Oh look at this headstone...
Big red wolf:  *growls*
Random Girl: Oh look its Jacob from Twilight..

*just dies laughing*

But on a serious note as I know I am already hell bound, that would be a freak fuck up of a sight to see...

* Western Burial Ground, Westminster Presbyterian Churchyard, Baltimore Maryland  is ranked #3

It is called the Old Western Burial Ground and it holds the remains of people like Edgar Allan Poe, the son of Francis Scott Key, the grandfather of President James Buchanan, five former mayors of Baltimore and fifteen generals from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. The catacombs of this cemetery are located beneath Haunted Westminster Hall, and have long been the subject of ghostly tales.

Many tell the tale of people buried alive and their ghost trying to show others of their plight. Don't forget the unexplained mystery of Poe himself. Many say they have seen him felt him and talked to him. Dressed completely in black, including a black fedora and a black scarf to hide his face, he carries a silver cats head walking stick and strolls into the cemetery every year on or around January 19, the birth date of Edgar Allan Poe.

Legend has it that the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe has been seen near his grave and in the catacombs of the church. The author died mysteriously in Baltimore and thus came to be buried there.

* Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois is ranked #5

The ghost of the girl who has come to be known as "Resurrection Mary" or Bloody Mary Smith is one of the most famous ghost stories and urban legends of Haunted Chicagoland. She is believed to have been killed along Archer Avenue (near the cemetery) after leaving a funeral wake of her lover, Mother brother, or father, no ones quite sure, one cold rainy night. She was buried with no funeral mass or last words in Resurrection Cemetery.

Bloody Mary tours the highway always hitchhiking, dressed in black and has spent the last 90 years traveling the Haunted Chicago roadways and asking haunted truck drivers and lone people to drop her off at the cemetery gates. Only to disappear before their eyes.

Another ghost just as well known is running Andrew Holcomb, he appears as a boy around the ages of 12- 17 years of age. He is said to run in front of passing cars and is struck. With a loud thud and impact is felt against the car or truck. People tell of the horrid sound and the blood on the windshield. When the hapless driver gets out to investigate he is not there, the boy is no where to be found. But the sight the sound of his body hitting the traveling drivers will haunts the driver their entire life. As they look around the road the only visible thing they see is the haunted cemetery gates.

Makes you want to stand in front a mirror and call out BLOODY MARY … don’t it??? *evil cackle*

Now.... that is the end of this death ride but you can find more information on these and any others you’d like.. just google haunted cemeteries.. and don't turn out the light.


Kitten Out!!!

Downtown Chicago

I love ghosts. Real stories about hauntings. Contrary to what some may know about my aversion to scary movies, I LOVE the supernatural, the unexplainable, and stories of strange sightings and moving objects that can’t be explained. This past spring, when some of the WordyBitches met up in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and stayed at the Crescent Hotel, I had my first ghostly experience, and it was a doozy. The room that JaspersDestiny and I shared was one of the most haunted in the place. Of course, someone, *glares at Hammerhips* neglected to inform us of this until we got there. To make a long story short, I’d left some of my jewelry in a pile on the dresser when we all decided to go in the hottub that was conveniently located in Hammerhips and givemesomevamp’s room. When I went back to my room, Hammerhips in tow, my jewelry had been arranged in one straight line across the top of the dresser. We’d all been in the hottub, and Hammerhips was the only one who came back with me.

*squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees* It was an AWESOME moment.

Needless to say, Hammerhips and I spent the next half hour on the bed. We set up my digital camera on the dresser, and talked to “Michael”, the male who’s said to haunt the room, having died in it after falling through the ceiling fixing the roof of the hotel.

But nothing happened. *frowns*

I’ve always wanted to go on one of those haunted tours in Chicago on Halloween weekend, but the always fill up so fast. There are soooo many haunted places to choose from in Chicago, it was hard to pick just one for this feature. I toggled between the nightclub Excalibur, and Resurrection Mary over at Holy Sepulchre cemetery, only because my stepfather is buried there. I chose Excalibur because I’ve actually been there, quite a few times, and have used the bathroom in the lower level. As far as bathrooms go, it’s not the most pleasant. If you’ve ever visited Chicago and happened upon Excalibur, you know it’s already in a building that just smacks of old, and even looks rather medieval and castle-like from the outside.

The hauntings in Excalibur are said to stem from the Great Chicago Fire, but more from the Eastland Disaster. It was a Saturday, July 24th, 1915. The employees and families of Western Electric were aboard the ship docked on the Chicago River headed for a picnic, when it rolled over, sending over 800 people to their deaths just feet from the shore. Sources say too many people were on one side of the ship sending it careening to the side, trapping workers and their families inside.

Some say that the building that now houses Excalibur was used as a morgue for the overflow of bodies, but Richard T. Crowe in his book, Chicago’s Street Guide to the Supernatural refutes it, saying there is no evidence to this. That the hauntings most likely stem from the Great Chicago Fire. The Eastland Disaster was the greatest inland waterway disaster in peace time, not to mention the greatest in Chicago history. More people died in that one moment than those in the Chicago Fire.

The strange goings-on in the Excalibur are said to range from glasses and bottles breaking on their own, to strange cold spots that shift haphazardly in the lower levels, especially where the bathrooms are. Employees are known to have heard screams coming from the bathrooms below when no one is down there, as well as their names being called by strange voices. In Crowe’s book, he recounts an interview with Billy McFall, the club’s corporate supervisor at the time, given to a Chicago newspaper, The Sun Times, in 1996:
“Although motion detectors are turned on after hours, McFall claimed that somehow beer glasses were found scattered across the bar, and bottles were opened and contents missing. Every day, for one week straight when he opened the club, McFall said he found the bar in the Dome Room in disarray. McFall also claims to have encountered something visual at the club. In early 1996, he observed a light-blue shape running up the stairs. Soon afterward, he saw the same phenomenon in reverse, running down the stairs. A cold breeze passed through the room at the same time.”

I’ve never personally experienced anything weird myself at Excalibur, unless you call the male dancer I endured for a bachelorette party. (There was an ewe-factor to him.) But a friend of mine did wonder once about a strange voice she heard while going to the bathroom. We both chalked it up to the amount of alcohol she’d imbibed.


This story is set in Thornewood Castle, the place utilized by Stephen King to film the movie Rose Red.  Rumors indicate that Thornewood Castle is, in itself, haunted. 

Bella POV
Leaves brushed against my arms as I walked the pathway of the well maintained garden.  I couldn’t believe that Edward had sent me a message to meet him here; he knew how I felt about this place.  I was spooked from the moment we’d checked into Thornewood Castle.  Chalk it up to the fact that I’d watched Stephen King’s Rose Red with Jake many years ago and screamed through half of it. 
He was infuriated with me.  It was almost like I didn’t know him anymore…the huge beast of a man he’d become from the boy that had once been my personal sunshine.  I’d actually been scared of him several times; when he’d ranted that I had no business with the Cullens.  The day he’d grabbed my arm and left a bruise had irrevocably changed our relationship, even though he’d begged with huge tears in his eyes for my forgiveness.  It was then I’d realized why he’d acted the way he did.  I couldn’t give him the type of relationship he wanted, having already given Edward my heart.
Where the heck was he? 
I was scared to death wandering the gardens of the castle. Why couldn’t he just invite me to his room?  I knew that Emmett and Rosalie had probably taken over Emmett and Jasper’s room, and I’d let Jasper in the door for Alice as I left.  They were probably already in bed together having fun, and here I was chasing my elusive boyfriend around a haunted house.
“Bella, Thornewood Castle isn’t haunted.  Stephen King just thought it made the perfect backdrop for filming his novel,” Carlisle had said to me as we were checking in, seeing the panic in my eyes.
The woman helping us had chuckled.  “Actually the castle is haunted, but it is by positive spirits.  Most individuals who report running into one of our ghosts state it is a truly peaceful energy.”
“Sure, sure.” Had been my only response. 
They could believe whatever they wanted, but the place gave me the creeps, and it didn’t help that we were checking in for Halloween weekend. Carlisle was here to represent Forks hospital at the parent company’s annual charity bash, Esme was the mastermind of the event, having come up with the idea to rent out the whole facility for the annual fund-raising bash.  All the other guests would be arriving later today (it was after all after midnight) to check in – but for the night, we had the run of the place by ourselves.  So for fun, Carlisle had sprung to bring us all, having garnered my father’s and Rose’s and Jasper’s parent’s permission.
A twig broke to the front of me, startling me out of my thoughts, and in response I called out, “Edward?”
I heard a low snarl, like an animal, and that was all it took.  I turned and ran.
Seeing the castle loom in front of me made it feel like I was in a cheap teenage horror flick, and I giggled realizing how silly I was being.  Edward was probably laughing his ass off at me from the cover of the trees.  Fuck him…well, really that was what I’d wanted to do…so he’d just have to come chase me and make it up to me before I took advantage of his body.  Smiling at the thought, I let myself in to the door.
Seeing where I was located, I breathed a sigh of relief.  I recognized the hall from when we’d arrived.  Carlisle and Esme were staying in the Grandview Suite just ahead.  I was going to have to be quiet, and imagined myself tiptoeing as I passed their door.  Didn’t want to get caught sneaking around in the middle of the night.  It was well past midnight, now October 31st, and I didn’t think I’d fool Mr. and Mrs. Cullen any.  Edward had told me that Carlisle had sat him down and had the whole “responsibility” talk after he figure out just how serious we were getting.  “Get out of college and get married first before I become a grandfather,” he’d said handing Edward a box of condoms.  Edward and I had laughed about it, tossing the box in the drawer. I’d gotten on the pill as soon as I realized where we were headed.
The hallway was amazingly beautiful, and I looked at the decorations in the moonlight that filtered through the windows. The house was a masterpiece…even if I didn’t feel like it was as “pleasant” as everyone was making it out. Getting close to the doorway that led to Carlisle and Esme’s suite, I was surprised to see the door open.  And then I froze at what I saw, several of the chairs were overturned as if a struggle had occurred. 
“Carlisle?  Esme?” I called out, to be met with silence.
Okay, I was going to kill them.  They must all be in on the “scare Bella” plan.  I was betting it was Emmett in the garden now, and I couldn’t imagine how they’d talked Carlisle and Esme into participating.  I was so going to pay them back, I thought even while the uncontrollable shivers went down my back.
“Ha! Ha!  Funny guys.”  I pushed the door totally open and marched into the room, intent on finding out where they were hiding.  I noticed that the door to the patio was open, so I headed straight for it, only to stop in horror.
Carlisle and Esme were on the patio, Carlisle leaned against the wall, Esme lying beside him.  A huge gash had rivers of blood flowing down his pristine chest, something lay in his lap and I was almost scared to look, Esme’s abdomen looked sliced open and in addition to what appeared to be her guts, it would seem that another organ lay propped for display.
Anger boiled through me at how far they’d gone to scare me, and I shouted at them, “Damnit, OK!  I expected this from your children, but not you.”
Not one eyelash moved as Carlisle stared straight at me.  Angry that he would continue the elaborately and well done charade, I marched out onto the porch, and promptly slipped falling just before them
Raising my hands to brush them on my pants, I realized that they were covered in blood.  That is when the reality hit.  Carlisle’s eyes were glazing over and his heart lay in his lap, having been savagely ripped from his chest, the thing on Esme…her uterus…representative of all that she held dear, her children. Unwilling to accept what I was seeing, I reached for him.
“Carlisle!  Wake up!” I shook him, unable to face what had happened.  “Wake UP!” I screamed, dislodging him from where he’d been propped, and with a splat he fell over onto Esme, his face come to rest in the bloody entrails that had been ripped from her.
Screaming, I pushed up and attempted to stand only to fall on the blood soaked tiles, landing across them both and getting their blood on the side of my face, my hair trailing through it. Crawling away as fast as possible, I reached one of the chairs to pull myself up and then shoved my hands down in my pants to reach my phone.  Nothing…  I’d left it in the room.  Hysteria took over, and I lunged for the phone, but found it dead.
Emmett…I had to get to Emmett.  His and Jasper’s room was just down the hallway.  Somehow, I ignored the panic that my screaming hadn’t already brought them running for me and ran through the room away from the ravaged corpses that had been like second parents to me. 
“EMMETT!” my screams echoed off the walls, and there was a point I almost felt like I was being followed.  Risking a glance back, I saw nothing other than the bloody shoeprints I was leaving across the pristine floor.  Stumbling every so many feet, I tore into Emmett and Jasper’s sitting room.
“EMMETT!” I screamed again, waiting for the mountain to come to me.  When nothing came, I stumbled to the bedroom door sobbing, hoping that they had their clothes on at least.
Slinging the door open, I cried out seeing Rosalie slumped over at the dressing table, Emmett leaned back against the wall to her right side.  Great tendrils of something hung from his arms and legs, and I vomited over the carpet when I finally realized what it was.  His muscles had been sliced into long pieces.  His eyes were frozen in a ghastly stare, and I saw that he’d died looking at Rosalie.  My body moved forward even as my mind screamed to run.  Tracking through my vomit, I came to Rosalie’s side and fell to my knees amidst the blood and gore.  Her exquisite face had been sliced to where it was almost recognizable…only her eyes left undisturbed.  I saw that some of her hair had been torn from her scalp and a horrendous notion took over.  Someone had held her still as they sliced her…making her watch as the knife carved into her.   Who’d died first, I wondered and knew it had to be Emmett…he would have fought to the death…
My throat froze…the screams building in me with no avenue for release.   They clawed at me, keeping me incapable of movement.  The smell overwhelmed me finally…blood, torn flesh, my vomit…breaking through the shock.
Alice!  Jasper!  Edward!    Oh God!  Who was doing this?
 “Bella, Thornewood Castle isn’t haunted.” Carlisle’s words came back to me as disturbingly maniac female laughter seemed to float through the air. 
It was mine.
I spun and didn’t want to think about the liquid that made it easy, that I was grinding into my knees of my pants.   Pulling myself to my feet, I left my big brother and perfect sister behind, tears streaming down my face at the unreal situation in which I found myself, but I slammed into the wall as soon as I made the hallway.  I could have sworn I saw a shadow pass at the end of the hall, and I turned to run in the opposite direction.
Within a minute, I realized I was lost, having moved from the direction I should have gone, spooked by whatever it had been I’d seen.  At another turn, I moved to the left, seeing an open window…the curtains billowing in ghost like shimmers.  The image was terrorizing and I lost the flight or fight battle, screaming at the gossamer image even as I headed away from it.
Two double doors loomed ahead, and I plowed through them, hoping to find a way to lock the door.  It was the main dining room.  White table cloths covered the round tables, and I stumbled into the first one before turning to see if I could lock the door.  When I was finally able to throw the lock, I leaned against the doors letting the sobs overwhelm me. 
This couldn’t be happening…  This couldn’t be happening…   I chanted wishing it to be true. 
They were dead!  Butchered!  Who would do this to them.  Where were Jasper, Alice, and Edward?   I couldn’t even consider what I feared.   A hole opened in my chest, and it was all I could do to keep standing.  Knowing where I was now, and how to get back to the rooms, I realized I needed protection, something to defend myself with while I made my way back. We’d seen the dining room when we were given the tour by the owners earlier in the day, Esme wanting to see the facilities in preparation for the caterers who would arrive in the morning.
ESME… the vision of her dead body thrown to the tiles of the patio like trash, her mid-section mutilated ran through my head, and I began to think I was going crazy.  This couldn’t be happening.  But I’d felt her and Carlisle’s cold bodies…
 A knife…I needed a knife.  At least I’d have something to use.  The doors leading to the industrial kitchen were at the back, and I ran across the room, barging into the large stainless steel dominated space.
It was there that I discovered the most horrific scene yet, my hysterical screams and sobs echoing throughout the cavernous area.   Alice had been strapped into one of the chairs facing a stainless steel table.  Jasper’s body twitched as I saw electricity arcing from a frayed electrical cord that had been strapped to the metal, his mouth open in a silent scream.  Sliding across the floor, I pulled the cord out and saw his body slump.  Hoping that he wasn’t dead, I ran to him and placed my hands to his chest, but it was then that I saw Alice.  Jasper was gone…but she wasn’t.  She’d been gagged, and I saw her jaw working as if to push it away, although I didn’t know how she still breathed.  Her eyes had been removed and placed on the table behind her – pointed toward Jasper as if watching him – great tears of blood and tissue running down her face. Diving toward her, I tore the gag away for her to talk to me and shrieked when instead of the tortured voice I expected, huge Madagascar roaches raced from her mouth, falling out onto her chest and lap.  
Edward!  Where was he? I sobbed backing away from the horror before me.  I slipped once before coming to the door, but then I ran into a wall…of hot warm flesh.  As the arm cinched around my waist, I attempted to spin but was pulled tightly into a prison of rock hard muscles.
“Good Evening, Bella,” the deep voice rumbled behind me.  “Did you enjoy my gifts?”
“JAKE!” I gasped out, unable to believe what I was seeing or believing.  “Jake, we gotta get out of here!  Someone’s killing everyone.  We’ve got to find Edward…now.”
“Edward!  Always Edward.  Always getting in the way!”  He began dragging me backwards, and the last vision of Alice I saw was a final roach running from her mouth, skittering across her crimson stained cheek, and into her hair. 
“Jake?” I murmured, understanding of my situation slowly creeping in.  “Where’s Edward?”
“Waiting for you…” he left off, pulling me up into his arms and beginning to stride through the dining room. 
He pulled me hard into his body when I began to struggle.
“Jake, what are you doing?  What have you done?”
“Hush, Bella.  It’ll all be okay in just a few minutes.”
When I began to scream for help, he clamped his big hand over my mouth, covering half my face.   I kicked at his legs, but even though I connected with his shins, it was as if I hadn’t touched him.  
“Alice and Jasper were my finest…saved them for last since I blame them the most for keeping you away from me.  He had the audacity to threaten me when I tried to come for you.  She supported him…tiny little roach.  Who do they think they were taking what was mine?” he rambled.
It was then I notice the odd quality of his voice…the crazy sound to it.
Bells, I’m worried about Jacob.  He isn’t acting right since you’ve been seeing that Cullen boy.   Something is off…   My father had noted, his concern seeming ridiculous back then.
Charlie was right.  Jake wasn’t Jake anymore.  He seemed almost possessed.
Dragging me back the way I came, he came to a standstill just inside the door to Emmett’s room. 
“The blond bitch sneered at me, as if I was a big dumb Indian, and the ape of a man caught me unawares, beating me down.   As he kicked me in the ribs, he told me that you were theirs.  Theirs?  You’ve always been mine, Bells.  Always!”
I knew then where we were going next, and within just a minute he pulled me through the door toward the patio where I knew Carlisle and Esme remained.  Through his hand, my scream sounded like a whimper, as we scared two raccoons away, who’d already began eating at Esme’s intestines.  
“Tried to replace my family,” he mumbled.  “Her with all her ‘motherly’ ways, and him with his good heart.  Wasn’t my dad enough, Bells?  Did you have to have a mother too, since Renee never really loved you?” he taunted. 
His verbal brutality hurt, and probably would’ve incapacitated me any other time, but I knew that his words were nothing in comparison to what was probably going to happen. 
Edward…I hoped he’d gotten away, or that he was still asleep upstairs in his bed.  Maybe if I agreed to go with Jake, he’d leave Edward alone.  It was at least worth a try.  As the tears for my second mother and father, sisters and brothers spilled over my cheeks, I hummed against his hand.
“Huh?” he replied as he pulled me into the hallway. 
A hum again was my effort to let him know I wanted to talk.  Finally, he lowered me to the floor, but he’d made sure to hem me up in a corner.  I spun to face him and backed up a foot from the crazy man that faced me.   His long black hair was straggly, almost matted, as if he hadn’t brushed it in days.  His eyes seemed disconnected to the world around us, and blood and other matter (which I didn’t even want to identify) were splashed across his shirt.   It had been ripped in places denoting the struggles that had been put up against him.  I’d wondered just how he’d killed them all so effortlessly, but then I saw the tazer in his hand.  The women wouldn’t have been a struggle for him, but Jasper, Carlisle, and Emmett weren’t weaklings.  I guessed that he’d tazered the men first and then subdued Esme, Alice, and Rosalie.
“Jake, you don’t want to do this…” I begged, walking to him, against all my better thoughts.  When I touched him, he slung his arm out and I screamed in pain, feeling the bones in my wrist shatter.
“OH yes, I do!” he cackled.   “I was willing to give you everything.  EVERYTHING!” he growled.  “But as soon as Pretty Boy showed his face in Forks, it was as if old Jake wasn’t good enough anymore.  He and his ‘better than everyone’ family and friends.  I showed them all, made them watch each other die.  Now…” he growled out, the gleam in his eyes glowing almost demonic.  “Now, it’s time to take you to your precious Edward!” he spit out.
I swung at him with all my might, attempting to fight him off, but he topped me by a foot and 100 pounds.  It was a futile effort, and he caught my arms securing them behind my back.  I almost screamed when he swung me around and I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror.   My hair hung in clumps and blood was streaked across my cheek and clothing…compliments of the fall onto Esme and Carlisle, and Emmett and Rosalie, my face pale against the dark spread of my hair.  I looked like a ghost.
“I’d planned to marry you, for us to have babies together,” he said harshly.  “I waited for you!  Kept myself pure so that we could come to each other without stain.  Do you know how it felt that night I saw the two of you naked through your window?  To see him kissing you…touching you?  I watched him fuck you, heard you call his name out.” 
Panic and fear washed through me…and disgust.  To know that one of my most precious memories had been spoilt by a voyeur.  Pulling me through the door to the outside, he began to walk quickly across the ground, heading toward the trees.   Deep sobs escaped me though when he brushed through the greenery to come to stand before, of all things, a life size chess set flanked by benches.
The moon shone brightly against the white and grey marble, the large chest pieces facing each other across the game board in the eternal struggle.  The true pawn, though, lay hog-tied in middle of the marble.
He was gagged, and his green eyes glittered brightly as they looked at me, anger and rage evident in the way he struggled against the ropes.
Alive!  Thank God he was still alive!
Did he know what had happened to his family?  How could he not?  Just seeing me should be a sign, their blood and tissues all over my clothes.  I wouldn’t tell him, though.  We’d deal with the aftermath after we taken Jake out.
“Do you know how poetic it was when Charlie let it slip that Daddy Warbucks was bringing you here?  I mean, to know that you would be visiting Rose Red, and that I wouldn’t be here to hold you when you were scared?  I couldn’t stand it…so I began to make my plans.”  He turned me slightly, and pulled my hands behind my back, and I struggled when I felt the rope against my skin.  Pushing me to the ground, he wrapped more rope around my ankles, securing me.
“JAKE!   Please, I’ll do anything, if you’ll just leave Edward alone.  I leave and go with you, anywhere.”  Turning to him I pleaded as best as possible.  “Jacob, look at me.”
He glanced down to me, his deep brown eyes jerking spasmodically.
“Jake, please.  Are you going to kill me?  Me?  We’ve loved each other since we were like two years old.  You are my best friend.  Let Edward go, and I’ll be anything you need.”  I heard Edward’s swearing behind the gag.
Jake’s eyes zeroed in on me, assessing me. He scanned me from head to toe, and I could see the lust appear in his eyes before he got to his knees and then straddled me.
“Anything Bella?” he said just before grinding his mouth into mine.  I forced a reaction, tantalizing him as much as possible.
When he broke away, I thought he might take me then, so great was his excitement.  I felt what our kiss had done to him, pressed against my stomach.
“If only I thought that was real,” he murmured before backhanding me.  I felt my lip split open, and heard Edward’s muffled roar and anger.  He began jerking hard against the ropes, and I saw blood leaking from them.
“They only get tighter as you struggle,” Jake said nonchalantly to him before turning back to me.  “You would do it for him, wouldn’t you…leave him here and go away with me to insure that he survived.  You’d give up your happiness to make sure that he lived a long life.  Too bad you never felt that way for me, Bella, but I have somebody now who does.  Leah…she’ll protect me from the chaos that will come about when they find you here, and all the Cullens dead. She loves me so much that she’ll swear I was with her all night.  You see, I decided, when I mapped this out, to leave you alive…so that you can watch your precious Edward die a long and slow death, being eaten from inside by the fire that my poison will bring him.  I have a nice concoction of drugs that will slowly deal with you Bella.  By the time they are through, your mind will be like a five year old…only capable of remembering my little gifts to you…over and over…and over.
“Jake, PLEASE!” I begged as he rose, and my pleas infuriated him.  He kicked me hard in the ribs.   Pain flared out from my side, and I was pretty certain he’d broken some ribs. 
But then, all of a sudden, Jake went down.  Edward had wiggled close to us, while I’d distracted him and had kicked his legs into Jake, making him fall.  Before Jake could raise his hands to break his descent, his head hit the marble floor…he was out cold.  Moving was agony, but Jake hadn’t hog-tied me, so I was able to move quicker than Edward.  Using my mouth, I worked at the knot of the bandana that Jake had used to gag him.  When it fell to the ground, Edward croaked out, “Bella!  The others?”
I shook my head quickly and heard his gasp of pain.
“Turn over, so that I can work on your hands,” I ordered him and then began tearing at the rope that tied him.   The blood from my cut lip and his wrists poured into my mouth, making me want to gag.    I sobbed at the realization it was taking too long, and Edward heard me.
“Bella, I love you,” he said softly, and it was all I needed to hear.
“I love you too, Edward,” I couldn’t help but saying before tearing at the ropes again.  I wanted to cry out in relief when I felt them loosen. 
“Turn around,” Edward barked as soon as his hands were undone.  “You first, in case you have to run!” he ordered.
“Bella, now!” he growled out, pulling me as gently to him as possible.  He cursed hearing my intake of breath at the pain.
I knew his hands must be almost numb from the way the ropes had torn into his skin, but he was quick, and within just a few minutes I was free.   “Now, you!” I cried, looking over to Jake’s still body. 
Our hands interfered with one another as we tried, so I gave up, letting him work at it, and I moved closer to Jake to look for the tazer.  Realizing it was under him, I hesitantly approached wanting to get to it and shock the shit out of him for good measure.
“Bella, careful,” Edward hissed.
“’kay,” I said, just before the inevitable happened.
I’d seen enough horror flicks, and Jake pushing from the ground just reminded me too much of Halloween…Michael Myers rising again and again.
He twisted me into his embrace, and I felt my body jolt as he hit me with the gun.   Somewhere in my altered state, I registered surprise that he didn’t just let me fall, but as he lowered me softly, I saw Edward attempt to stand even with the ropes he hadn’t been able to loosen.  Maybe if he hadn’t had those binding him and Jake hadn’t had the stun gun, it would have been a fair fight, but as I watched, Edward got in a few licks before Jake hit him with electricity and let him fall to the ground unceremoniously.
“Nice trick, Bells, but I gotta start getting out of here,” he said, looking up to the sky as he tied me again, but this time in the manner he had Edward.
Jacob went to a bag I hadn’t noticed and rummaged through it.  With horror, I watched him bring out two syringes.   “I find it ironic that a little internet research gives you so much information.  Amazing what you can find,” he chuckled, and that was when I realized just how truly crazy Jake had become.
He wasted no time sticking something into Edward, tying him again, and then coming for me.  I could sense his need to leave as the dark began to lighten.  I didn’t care now, knowing that there would be no saving Edward, no us, nothing…
He attempted to get me to talk, but I just continued to watch the face of the boy I loved in horror, waiting for some sign of what was to come. Finally after cursing at me, Jake unceremoniously stuck me harshly in my arm, tied a bandana in my mouth, and went over to gather up his bag.
“Too bad you couldn’t figure out just which one of us was better for you.  Bye, Bells…  It’s been nice knowing you.”
With those anticlimactic words, he left us, tied on the top of a chess set.  I was sure there was some symbolism there, but I was too scared to consider what it was.  Twisting over to Edward, I moved to lay against him, hoping that he might regain consciousness in time to save us…not that I deserved it…I’d brought the monster down upon the family that loved me.

“Patient is non-responsive to stimuli, vegetative in nature.”
“Isn’t she the sole survivor of that horrific Halloween massacre over at Rose Red years ago?”
“Thornewood Castle, not Rose Red. That was just the name of the movie.”
A snort echoed throughout the room.
“Why is she kept in the psych ward then?”
“Terrible nightmares where she attempts to attack anyone around.  The only time she speaks is when she screams…blood curdling ones…begging someone to kill her.  Calls the boyfriend’s name out constantly.  His death was pretty gruesome from what I understand.   They found her beside him, covered in his vomit.  The acid he’d been injected with ate him from the inside out.  Speculation is she watched it all.  I personally can’t imagine that, the pictures were horrific, his eyes boiled out of his head.”
“Did they ever catch the killer?”
“No, it is one of those unsolved mysteries.  Poor thing, her father came to visit her every week until he died a few years ago.  Now the only person that comes is her best friend and his family.   Poor guy, he’s an emotional wreck every time he leaves.  Last time I saw him, his wife said she refused to bring their grandchildren with them again, because it upsets him so to see Ms. Swan this way.”
~Blood Red~
“Bella, wake up…”
The voice called me, but I didn’t respond.  In my head, Edward was still screaming, his body writhing in pain against me.  I begged and begged and begged, but was shown no mercy.  His screams seemed to go on for hours before finally something more sinister was heard…silence.
“Bella Swan, open your eyes, I know you can hear me.” Jake’s voice called me.  He came every year, on Halloween, to remind me of the hell he’d brought upon my life…the hell I’d brought on the Cullens.  “Fine, but you know I’ll only return again.  They say that your body is healthy…and that you’ll probably live many more years.  How does it feel to remember, to know what you caused?”  Then, as he did every year, he brought out the recording he’d taken of Carlisle and Esme…as Carlisle fought him attempting to save our mother,  Emmett’s grunts as Jacob pummeled his shocked body, Jasper’s words as he taunted Jacob attempting to distract him, and Alice’s screams as he pulled her eyes from her.
How he managed to get me alone, without supervision to do it, I’d never know. 
He’d left without recording Edward…afraid that the dawn would bring help.
Thankfully, Edward and I had been able to tell each other one more time that we’d loved each other…during those moments that the sweet possibility of escape had seemed possible.   For, as year after year of life continued around me, I was left with only the memory of the words and the sounds of my love’s screams to keep me company until death came to claim me.


Talk about a scary place! This place looks like somewhere I’d like to spend Halloween. Waverly Hills Sanitarium is considered to be one of the world’s most haunted places, and with good reason. I actually saw a documentary on some ghost show years ago about it, and I always remembered this place. It’d be a pretty creepy (and fucking awesome) place to hang out at one night.

Originally, it was a small one room schoolhouse called Waverly school. When the Board of Tuberculosis bought the land and opened the hospital on July 26, 1910, they kept the name. It was supposed to house 40-50 TB patients safely, back before antibiotics were used. It was widely believed that the appropriate treatment for TB was lost of rest, sunshine, and fresh air. Therefore, the sanitarium was set on top of a large hill to provide this.

The TB epidemic grew rapidly, and the hospital was eventually expanded to be able to house at least 400 patients, which is the structure you see still standing today. It was opened in 1926 and continued to operate as a tuberculosis center until 1961. When antibiotics were in invented, it was closed down, quarantined and renovated into Woodhaven Medical Services and remained a geriatrics center until it was closed by the state in 1980.

TB patients were lined in beds and windows were opened to try and treat their illness, but some of the more unlucky patients were subjected to horrific experiments and procedures to try and cure them of TB. Some of them included trying to inflate the lungs and removing skin and bones to make more room for breathing. In other words, considering the times, some pretty painful and inhumane shit.

During the years that Waverly Hills was used as a Sanitarium, it is estimated that over 63,000 patients died. Sure, some of them lived through the horrible conditions that TB brought on, and even some of the lucky ones were able to make it through the horrible procedures that they were put through, but a good portion of the TB patients did not walk out of the doors. They were carried out through, what the staff called, the Body Chute.

Looking Down the Chute

The Body Chute was a long tunnel that was originally used for carrying supplies from the train up to the hospital itself, which sat atop a large hillside. When the epidemic became too great, the staff would use the chute to carry the bodies down instead of out the doors. That way the “living” patients wouldn’t see just how many people were dying daily/weekly in the hospital.

Bottom entrance to the Chute

After its close, stories started to spread about the place being haunted. There have been several shows and ghost hunting expeditions that have traveled to Waverly Hills trying to find any paranormal activity. A simple google or even YouTube search will provide you with lots of material to what people have found over the years.

There are stories of a small girl who has no eyes, a boy playing with a ball, and the infamous room 502 where it has been said that a nurse haunts and asks people to leave. There are conflicting reports as to how the nurse died. Some say she killed herself by hanging from the rafters after finding out she was pregnant. Others say it was the nurse who jumped to her death out the window.

Regardless, there is so much to tell on this place. There is so much information out there in regards to the creepy and haunting nature of Waverly Hills and it’s a fun place to research, or even visit, on a lazy afternoon.

I myself have never been here, as I’m not really into the whole ghost hunting supernatural thing, but I do find the history of it rather fascinating. It’s the nerd in me I guess. If you’ve ever visited there, let me know. I’d love to hear your stories.

There are tours being held by the current owners who are using the money to help refurbish this piece of history. You can find more information on their website.

More information and awesome photo albums can be found here: 

We hope you've enjoyed this years Halloween post. Happy trick or treating, and make sure to bring a light with you. Never know when you might find yourself in one of these spooky places.