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Friday, November 11

Prey for the Wicked by Aleeab4u

A friend on Darkest Temptations recommended this fic to me, knowing I was in need of a good Dark story…and knowing that I am an Edward fanatic. I read this and then sent an email to Aleea begging her to allow me to do a recommendation. I’m hooked…addicted…and thoroughly entranced by this story.

"You have sound instincts. You should trust them." The line of her shoulders
eases a little at the words, but her eyes still flit back and forth between
his, searching for what measure of truth she can define. "I told you,
Isabella. I feel very protective of you. I will not harm you. I am many kinds
of a monster, but I am not the kind who hurts innocents." Not any more, he thinks to himself. Never again...no matter how close of a call it was...never again. "Your blood was a temptation I didn't know how to resist. I walked too close to the line before I realized that you, Isabella, are too much a gift to waste in such greedy gluttony."

The idea of Isabella as his, alive and well for the duration of her human life, solidifies and roots in his psyche. Until this very moment, Edward realizes he walked a precipice between wanting to deny his nature and keep her alive, and his doubts that he could do so under such extremes of temptation.

He can.

He will.

"I will not end your life," he repeats, letting her see the truth in his
expression. She relaxes further, but before true relief is hers, he feels it
necessary to add an addendum she must be made strongly aware of. Moving back
around the bar, he pulls her from the seat and tips her face up to his own.

"You are mine now, Isabella. I will take care of you, protect you."

I love a good Darkward. And this isn’t a good Darkward, this is a most excellent Darkward. I have to say,that for me, I ride the edge of panic with each update I read of this story…wondering if perhaps Edward’s desires will cross the line and our poor heroine will end up drained and dead on the bedroom floor.

He is possessive with “his Bella” and is determined to keep her at all costs. An example…

So beautiful, so delicious, so pure, so...his.

Lifting his head, he locks his gaze on hers, staring at her intently, his mouth dark with her blood, shining with the gloss of her climaxes. He lets her see him as he
truly he is: the monster who wishes to be her angel; both her protector and her

"You are mine, Isabella. I will give you everything your heart could ever desire,
but I will never, ever, let you go."

Edward allows her one small second to catch her breath, and to absorb the meaning and
promise behind those words, before dropping his head to take his meal with his
dessert. Isabella's body responds perfectly. She cries out his name in her
pleasure as darkness takes her, making its claim just as surely as Edward has

What Aleea does with her Edward is so tangible, so feral, that you want to shiver in fear and take him all at the same time.

This fic is only nine chapters in at the time of recommendation, so we still have a good amount of history to catch up on, but what we do know is this…

Edward was part of the Cullen coven, but left after losing himself to the monster in him.

Carlisle begged him not to fall to the darkness of his temptations.

Alice is heartbroken over him, and Jasper is prepared to destroy Edward rather than see him continue to cause his mate to grieve.

Edward has sworn himself to a mission to feed off evil humans.

So how does Bella feel about this mysterious creature that has appeared in her life?

Infatuated, needy, devoured, and savored, but what she doesn’t want to feel is possessed.

But possessed she is…

"Understand me, Isabella, and make no mistake," Edward tells her, one finger ghosting a sweeping touch back and forth over her wrist, hypnotizing. "I do not
make idle threats. You are mine now. I will protect you, and I will possess
you. I won't allow anyone to harm you; neither will I allow anyone to think
they have a claim to you. Only I have that, Isabella."

"I'm not a possession or a...toy or pet."

He smirks again. "You are whatever I say you are."

She tries to stand, but his grip on her wrist keeps her from being able to move. He doesn't hurt her, but she feels the sudden tension in his grip that locks his fingers on her flesh.

"Do not think you have free will, Isabella. You're fate was decided the second you
walked by me in this dismal, dingy bar. You. Are. Mine." His grip
tightens. Bella feels a small spike of fear radiate from the strength that
demonstrates quite clearly that he could break her if he wanted to.

"I don't belong to you," she tries, her mouth dry, and her heart racing. She
can say it, but she isn't sure she can mean it, because oh, the way he makes
her feel, even now when her independence and will scream at her to resist, she
aches with how much she likes the feel of him touching her.

"I have a life," she continues, swallowing over her dry mouth, gathering her wits
about her. "I have a family and friends, and you can't just...dictate to
me...you can't own someone, and you can't just kill...someone. That's

His thumb brushes her pulse, and Bella gets the sudden impression he enjoys her fear as much as he enjoyed her willingness that night. She makes an effort to calm
herself, trying not to think of Mike and failing.

"Isabella. Do not make the mistake of thinking me human," he reminds her softly,
something gentle in his tone that belies the harsh things he says. "I kill. It's what I am. It's how I live."

So for now, I eagerly await Aleea’s next installment, waiting to see how as the story progresses Darkward claims “his Bella” – whether as a delicate treat, a source of carnal delight…or perhaps as both for eternity.

Go over and give this story a try, I KNOW you won’t be disappointed. Tell Aleea I sent you.

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