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Monday, January 16

And now we say Goodbye...

A gift to us by Mkystich

Yes, sadly, it's true. It is with a broken heart and a grudging acceptance that we at Darkest Temptations realize our time has come to an end. 

Real life sucks, and other obligations have made our lives go in different directions over the last several months. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but one that needed to be done all the same. 

You all have given us a great two years. Some of my happiest moments in the fandom have centered around this blog, and the lovely girls I've had the pleasure to work with since it began. I think I can speak for all of us here when I say that DT was a place for family, not just friendship. 

We never argued, we never disagreed, we never felt strife amongst us; which is rather odd coming from a blog of this nature. It doesn't mean we never had differences of opinion, just that the overall outcome of whatever issue we were faced was always agreed to be the same. That's a rare thing for a blog these days, and it never ceased to amaze me that we had such an awesome group of ladies working here.

I am proud of the girls that stood up with me (and not just the ones who worked here, but the ones who commented and subscribed and tweeted as well)  and took a stand saying it's okay to read the darker stuff. It's okay to want to read fiction that others shy away from or even criticize. I am proud that we never saw drama in any form come our way. I'd like to believe that it was because the way we approached the darker fics, and we made sure to warn others when fics contained things that might be sensitive to others. 

Or I could just be fooling myself into wanting to believe this blog is just that awesome. lol 

Regardless, DT has always held a special place in my heart, and so have our readers, supporters and authors who gave us amazing stories that kept us up at all hours of the night; sometimes days at a time. 

With this, I'd like to say that the blog will remain up, so if anyone in the future wants to come back and find a story they might not have read, or search google for the dark Twilight Fics, they can benefit from all the hard work that two years and six women put into this place. 

We, however, will not be returning to do any more posts, but this place will remain in our hearts forever. 

And now we say goodbye. Thanks again for sharing this experience with us. We will always be grateful. 

With much love, 

Izzy, Barbie, Steph, Gemma, Chipper, and April
Darkest Temptations

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  1. Good luck, ladies, in everything you pursue :) It was wonderful knowing some of you, and I hope those I know keep in touch.

    xxx Tina

  2. I am heart broken. DT was one the sites I always followed way before becoming involved in the fandom and developed my own site. You guys were my first affiliate and just the nicest to deal with, always so helpful, especially Izzy who walked me through setting up twitterfeeds. I was a scared mess at the start but you ladies were so kind to a newbie's ridiculous and constant questions.

    I am so glad you are leaving up the site, it is amazing and at least we will still have that little part of you ladies.

    I wish you all well and will miss you <3

  3. I've commented twice and they keep disappearing! I'll miss the blog as it was one of the only blogs I still follow! Y'all were awesome and I hope you won't be strangers! Enjoy your next adventure! *hugs and humps*

  4. OH NO.. I am so sorry... that is so sad that you leaving, thanks for leaving the site up... but where will we go for our dark shit? LOL... sniffles...

    I wish you all the best and

    thanks for rec' my story...


  5. Thank you, Ladies, for ssssoooo much enjoyment over the past two years. It's always nice to find kindred spirits who enjoy the darker things in life.

    I will miss this blog and all of you, but do hope you won't disappear from the fandom completely.

    Again.................thank you and good luck in whatever endeavors you choose to do next.



  6. sorry to hear ladies but thank you for leaving up so I can still link to my dark side stories.

  7. I'm sad to see you go. I've used your site many times to find something dark & angsty to read. I'm also proud to have one of my stories make it into the fabled list of dark fics on your site.

    You will be missed!


  8. *sniffles* Thank you so much to everyone and your awesome replies. You make my black little heart sing with joy.
    I'm so happy to hear so many have enjoyed this site, and it makes me even more sad to see it go.
    Love to all,